Saturday, 26 October 2013


My patchwork so far...
Lately, I have been doing some sewing.  I would love to be able to do dress making, but that is a little off my radar at the moment, I am sticking to patchwork.  The funny thing is that I only get time to do it while Mum is reading aloud and so I obviously can't run the sewing machine while she is reading aloud.  So I am doing it by hand - seam after tiny seam. Hopefully, it will one day be a baby's quilt.

I used to not like sewing.  It was something I wanted to learn, but I just hated it.  I think it was because the books I tried to learn from always started me with sewing down lined paper, and I got bored.  Then, when I'd just about given up, a lovely friend of mine, gave me a gentle push in the right direction and helped me to make a little dress for Rose and a couple of skirts for myself.  Now I really enjoy sewing.

Rose stuffing her cushion
I am acctually not minding the patchwork by hand either.  As I said to Dad, "It feels very Little House on the Prairie-ish."

"I don't know that feeling," he said.

I feigned shock. "What?" I exclaimed.  "You have never got the team out and dug up the backyard with a stick?"  LOL!  :P

Rosie watches me as I draw the needle in and out of the patches and she asks me if she can do some sewing.  Finally, I gave in and got two of the patches from my patchwork and, selecting a relatively blunt needle, I threaded it and sat Rose in my lap to help her make stitches in the fabric.  It wasn't easy, especially as I am right-handed and Rose is left handed.  One of us was moving awkwardly the whole time.  Sometimes I would do a bit just to move along a bit, but Rose would always whisper up at me over Mum reading, "Can I hold the meedle?" 
Rose with her finished cushion

I would whisper back, "Yes, darling, but it's a needle, not a meedle."

Yesterday, we finished five sides of her sewing so I turned it inside out and set her to stuffing it with cotton balls.  I sewed up the opening and Rose is very delighted with her little cushion.  :)


  1. Your'e brave, making a quilt out of so small pieces! I am/was/meant to be making one but it is lots of big strips, and with a sewing machine.

    1. Hehe! Well, the small patch quilt is, shall I say, a long term project! :) I'd love to see your quilt one day - it sounds lovely! :)

  2. It is beautiful! I have wanted to make one of those 'hexagon' quilts! Good on you Em! :) and can't wait to see Beth's dress :) :) Rosie... she melts your heart, you are a marvellous big sis, Em! :) xo

    1. You'll have to try one and show me how it goes! And yes, Rose is simply adorable. Thanks darling. :) xoxox