Thursday, 20 November 2014

Guest Post on Fullness of Joy

Hi again.  No, this isn't a real post either.  Some might even call it cheating, even though I wrote it.  ;)

I was invited by the lovely +Joy C. to do a guest post on her blog, Fullness of Joy.  Instead of re-posting the same thing here, I thought I would just redirect you to her blog and you can read it there.  :)  Have a wonderful weekend!  :D

Friday, 14 November 2014

A Brief Post to Reassure the Readers ;)

Yes, this is long over due.

And it's not even a proper post.

I just wanted to put up a quick one to say that  have not forgotten about my blog (or you, my dear readers!) and will strive to come up with something amazing sometime before Christmas.

Life has been quite busy lately and I am under a good deal of pressure to get my Diploma of Liberal Arts and my Certificate IV in Science finished before the end of the year.  That's what happens when you are Phlegmatic - you take your time all year and then wonder why you have so much to get done at the end!  I would very much appreciate prayer for peace and for understanding in my work, if you wouldn't mind.  :)

Other than my work I have been minding little siblings while others are doing Christmas practises of various kinds.  The church Christmas Production is looming in the very near future and everyone involved is scrambling to pull it all together.  I am going to be a shepherd and a wiseman.  I still don't know my lines (with just over three weeks to go) but I am (fairly) confident that it will all come together.

That's about it.  Oh, for those of you who may be wondering, I am in the middle of the third part of the Beauty and the Beast story.  :)  Thanks for you all who have prompted my to keep writing it - I wouldn't have done it otherwise.  :)

Have a wonderful weekend, people!  God bless you!  :)