Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Funny and Awkward - Theatre Edition

Hey there!  Yep, I'm still alive - it's been a crazy couple of months and blogging (needless to say) has fallen by the way side.  Hopefully, I can pick up the pace again in the next couple of weeks.  I thought I would do a post inspired by Clare at Clare's Spot.  Her funny and awkward posts crack me up, and while mine probably won't be quite as amusing - but likely more cringe-worthy - I decided to do one.  All of these are related to rehearsals for the Wizard of Oz which opens this Friday... theatre has been a huge learning curve, and opens up lots of awkward opportunities!  XDD

When - even after nearly six months - people at rehearsal STILL can't tell you apart from you sister, and you just start answering to each other's names until those who do know you from each other correct the erroneous talker and make things even more confusing.

... And then people at rehearsal call Joy by the shortened version of her real name and you innocently wonder out loud who they are talking about because you never call her that at home...

When your choreographer is making last minute changes to your really hard dance routine, and you are getting stressed because you aren't a dancer and you don't feel well, and the room is getting hotter and hotter and so the director puts the entire rehearsal on hold because she thinks you are about to pass out... (I was getting pretty dizzy and appreciated the cold air when I was taken out side to recover, but I did hate holding up the whole rehearsal!)

When you are late getting back stage for a scene and still have to dress... you manage to get your very restraining costume on before remembering that you forgot to mic up.  You step into the mic pouch and then remember that you still have to get the headset up your dress so the cord doesn't show.  Because of the mittens on the end of the sleeves, you have to get one of the other girls to help by sticking the headset as far up your front as you can, and having her grab it from the top and pull it through.  *shakes head*  I have learned my lesson.  The headset stays on at all times.

When you are not used to wearing a four-fifths of the make up required for stage and manage to get mascara, eye liner, bright pink/red lipstick spread everywhere and on everything you touch.

... not to mention yelping every time to poke yourself in the eye with the mascara brush, and then trying not to let your eyes water up because you have only just managed to make that eye liner look half respectable.

When the directors tell the ensemble to move forward on the stage, and only a couple of people move and you suddenly find yourself in the front and blocking all the short people behind you...  *sigh*

When you have a full dress rehearsal and know that you will look awful and raw if you take all that make up off with out your regular foundation to put on afterwards so you just go down to the mall mascara, blush and all.  You aren't sure whether to smile apologetic when people give you strange looks, or just be over dramatic to add the finishing touch.

When you excuse yourself and squeeze past half a dozen people in big dresses to get to the door and almost walk out of the dressing room without the appropriate costume shoes - again.

... and your section of the dressing room is in the far back corner so you have to excuse yourself and squeeze past half a dozen people in big dresses to go and retrieve them.

When you can hear that a couple of the sopranos around you are not singing the right note, and you are unsure whether to sing the wrong note with them and be in unison, or sing the correct note and clash on the tone difference.  The struggle is real when the conductor can hear everything.