Monday, 19 January 2015

Too Late

Just a piece of my heart that I needed to put out there...

I cry
         as my heart once again yearns to know
        you were taken away so soon.

I’m lost
as I grope for the words I am looking for
are my thoughts as I try and think.

    Is haunting me as I remember your smile
will give me rest until I say what I’ve learned.

Love is a thing that should never be wasted
Kept to oneself it is useless and vain
It ought to be showered on all who we meet with
For we just never know when we’ll meet them again.

I ought
To have told you, sweet girl, that you’re precious
I thought
 You would always be here to tell it to…

        Why is it we say ‘I love you’ the most when saying

          But you’re gone like the flower that blooms
And I’m too late…


  1. Ooh, Emily <3
    That's so beautiful. And so sad.
    I. . . I love you, dear friend. And I am praying for you. The Lord Jesus be with you in this sad, painful time. He knows and loves! She is with Him in Glory-Land now :).

    1. *hugs* Thankyou for your words of love and comfort, sweet Joy... Love you. <3 <3

  2. I cannot imagine what it is like to loose a friend so young and so permanently, from this life. But the lord does all things for the greater good. Love you Emily.

    1. I know what you mean - we are still trying to et our heads around it, and to be honest, it just doesn't seem real... But we know that while God allows all things, He has also promised to be with us through all things, and that is the best promise He could have given us. Thankyou for your kind words, Clare... love you. xxx

  3. Beautiful.
    Praying so hard for you Emily.
    Love you my dear friend. * hugs *

    1. Thankyou, Abbey... While prayer is the only thing we can do, it is the most we can do as well... thankyou for your prayers, sweetie... love you. *hugs back* xxx

  4. Prayers are still coming, Emily. I know it must be so hard, I haven't been through this situation before but I know what it is like to lose a loved one. Thank you for being my friend! You are special and God loves you!! (and so do I) God bless!

    1. *hugs* Thankyou, Therese - you are such a blessing. Thankyou for being my friend... love you! <3 <3