Friday, 23 January 2015

It's Not About Potential - Shannen's Poem

Here's to Shannen: the girl of that beautiful smile; the awkward but heart felt hugs;  the trademark floral jeans and sleeveless blouses (you're the only person I know who could actually pull that off and make it look good!); the bass and guitar; the passion to serve and minister to others; the peaceful, peace-making countenance; your hilarious (and sometimes blonde!) sense of humour; your ability to light up a whole room... Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.  (Matthew 5:8)

It’s not about potential, it’s the lives
That were touched by the one life now deprived.
It’s the mission and conviction that she brought
And the love that guided and drove her every thought.

It’s not could have been, but what is
How she was and forever more will be His:
How her every hope and passion was to see
All her friends and family live for eternity.

It’s not what she missed out on, but what she did
To ensure heaven was not missed by a single kid.
She loved them all, each and every one
And go out of her way so they could meet God’s Son.

It’s not the future that she doesn’t have that counts
It the eternal minute she’s living that amounts
To all she ever wanted – all she ever wanted
Was to give glory to God, so she lived undaunted.

Yes, she could have had more, said more, seen more,
But I think that inside, she couldn’t have been more…
What a beautiful, gentle, passionate soul

Forever more her Lord to extol.


  1. A beautiful poem, Emily!! :) You are still in my prayers as are Shannen's family. Happy Australia Day to you and your family for yesterday!! :D

    Love Therese

    1. Thankyou, Therese... the prayers are very much appreciated. I am peaceful about the situation now - God has been very good - but I know that Shannen's family will need the continued prayer. Happy Australia Day to you too! :)