Thursday, 2 October 2014

Un-named Poem

Yep: another one.  ;)  This poem was inspired by a conversation on Google plus about make up and how girls today seem to use make up to completely do themselves over - almost like a daily mini plastic surgery procedure.  As I was thinking about it, I realized that the over use of make up goes so much deeper than wanting to look nice... it comes from insecurities inside, and as I mused on this, my heart just went to the girls trapped in such a mindset.

So here's a poem about it, because that is the way I best express myself.  :)  I kinda thought it would be nice in a song, but I can't compose for the life of me, so if anyone gets some inspiration, you're welcome to it.  ;)

I stand in front of the mirror
And examine myself at length
Can they all see the guilt I read
Beneath my phony strengths?
I reach and grab my bathroom bag
That contains my mask inside
With a little work I’m finished
I can show the fake me outside

So dress me up so they don’t know
Who I really am, who I really am…
If they could see the ugliness, the plainness, the decay
I’m certain they would all turn and walk away.

I smile as I walk the street,
But it’s painted on my face
The pain inside is screaming out
From a world full of disgrace.
What if I left my mask at home?
I could try it and just see…
No I can’t – I couldn’t try
I’m afraid of the real me.

I wish I could be accepted as the person that I am
But if they saw me warts and all would they want to be my friend?
Maybe I’ve got this upside down, perhaps the step to strength
Is opening up, and letting down, and revealing them my weakness.
Just perhaps they are all like me – afraid to show the dirt
Maybe by my opening up, we could all start to heal from hurt.


  1. I love this poem! I have never been allowed to wear make-up myself and from that experience I think that I have learnt what true beauty really is, without being hidden behind a mask. Now that I am older, I probably would be allowed to wear some make-up but I don't want to! Great job, once again!

    1. Thankyou, Therese - I really appreciate feedback on my poetry because I get attached to it and can't tell if it flows properly or not. (If you write poetry or stories, you will know what I mean. :D) I was never allowed to wear make-up until I was a bit older either. I wear it if I'm going out now (I'm 19) mainly because my skin isn't as great as I could hope. :) I only use a light amount though - I think it's sad to see girls who completely alter their appearance with paints and powders.

    2. Yes, I know the feeling... I've started so many first chapters of novels and poems that are supposed to be really good but I never get around to finishing them or they just aren't what they're meant to be! Wow! We're even close in age! I'm 18 in a few months... And yes it is really sad to see girls that think they have to cover themselves in make-up or dress scantily just to look pretty or get attention. I thank God that I was brought up the way I am and am not like those poor girls.

    3. 18 in a few months??? We might even have close birthdays! My birthday is in exactly four months today. :)

      I know exactly what you mean - the amount of times I have breathed a prayer of thankfulness for being raised 'properly'. I look at other girls and shudder at what I might have been (particularly as I have quite a compliant nature, even just going to school could have made me quite different to who I am now...)

  2. Wow! My birthday is exactly two weeks before Christmas. :) And would you believe it? I was born exactly two weeks late too!!

    The amount of times I have breathed that prayer! I am so grateful for having been raised the way I am and for not having gone to school. School can make such a big difference in some people. I know people who go to school or have gone to school and I can see the difference. Homeschool all the way! :)