Friday, 18 October 2013

Gmail Blues

Ring Ring!!!  It was eight 'o' clock in the morning, so I was surprised when, upon answering the phone, it was my aunty calling.  She explained to me that she was giving an art class that day and that she really wanted a photo of the painting she had given the James to illustrate the line drawing she was going to talk about.  She told me it would be easiest to take the photo on Mum's ipod and then use the ipod to email the picture to her.  After a couple of tries and discovering that opening the blinds makes the photo come out so much better, I had a decent shot to send to her.

There was no messaging account open on the ipod.


"That's OK." Aunty K. said.  "Just attach it to the computer and I'll give you my gmail address.  Just email it through."  That ought to be easy, I thought.  I carefully wrote out her gmail address on a slip of paper and hung up the phone.  The picture downloaded on the computer and I attached it to an email.  I typed in the address, breathing easy once I got to the "" bit - after all, every gmail address ends like that.

I pressed SEND.

Instantly, I got an email in my inbox.  "The recipient address was rejected."

Rejected?  It couldn't be!

I typed out a silly little note under the same address and tried again.

"The recipient address was rejected."

I was not sure quite what to do now.  I double checked the address.  It was so simple - how could I have got it wrong? I reread it.




I had made a typo in the most simple part of the address - no wonder it wasn't going anywhere!  Lesson learned, photo sent, day saved.  *sigh*  :D


  1. He he, I have done that before except gmale.....

    1. Haha! I haven't done that one, but don't put it past me. :)