Monday, 28 October 2013

Notes of Encouragement

I was looking in a Bible dictionary this morning that used to belong to my Nanna.  (When she passed away, Pa gave a lot of her books to us.)  I found a piece of paper with her writing on it.  I don't know what it is from, whether they are her notes from her own Bible reading or if she was speaking in church one day;  but I wanted to share it, because we all go through hard times and need encouragement.  Nanna refers to verses in her notes, but I don't know what chapter they are from, so I'll just put down what is written and if you figure it out, let me know!  :)

Putting on my Sunday best (47/8) Monday through Saturday I can't take a rest.

1) I'm praying for you (1) I heard about your struggles - I know you're feeling troubled.  I want to tell you...

2) Find strength in Him - Ready to bring salvation, needed consolation - A haven for weary souls... verse 4 - When your heart's well is dry, turn to the Living Water.

3) God's love never changes - His love never fails.  When the world is shaken, we can find our faith in knowing that His love wil never change.

Let the dreamers dream (4)  How can I limit the plans He has for me?  He sees with eternal sight.

There is peace (5) in Jesus.  There is rest in His love and when we trust in Him to lead us, our hearts can be still.

Constant refuge (6) Shelter me from si and strife - Grant the peace in my heart is seeking giver of eternal life.

To God be all the glory (7) To Him be all the praise from the early dawn of morning to the end of the day.  May the words of my mouth, etc.

Don't throw away love (9)  When you feel that your heart is dying... Jesus can hear you crying.

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