Friday, 25 October 2013

Chalk and Cheese

Ever since she was a small baby, my little sister Rose (3), has been the most pleasant, easy girl.  She would go anywhere, sleep anywhere - we could do anything anywhere, and as long as she was dry and fed, it was fine with her.  She is a people person.  A total sanguine in every way, she never stops talking and is not sure what to do with herself if left alone.

Annie (21 months) is almost the complete opposite.  She has an extremely sweet nature, but she takes a while to warm up to people and can be a bit precious if things aren't exactly the way she likes them.  She tends to be fairly quiet too, preferring to read a book than play with noisy toys.

Another big difference between Rose and Annie is the fact that from when she was a few months old, Rose has been terrified of animals and anything that depicts a living creature other than people.  We could never even give her a rubber ducky at bath time without her screaming the place down.  Annie, on the other hand, is fascinated by living things.  She loves birds and trees and plastic animals that she can examine. 

Today, I witnessed an interesting and rather amusing scene.  I was trying to teach Rose how to play snakes and ladders while Annie played with the farm set.  After a while, I looked up to see what Annie was actually doing.  She had discovered a small moth in her mat and was walking behind it, trying to pick it up with her small fingers.  She had a very concentrated and interested look on her face and was very much absorbed in trying to to retrieve the moth off the floor.

Just then, Rose noticed what Annie was doing.  "No!"she exclaimed.  "The moth scares you!"

Rose crawled cautiously near to where Annie was examining the moth and watch fascinated from a respectful distance as Annie allowed the moth to crawl up her arm.

"Would you like to pick it up, Rosie?"  I asked.

"No!" was the emphatic reply.  "It scares me."

As I said,  chalk and cheese.  :)

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