Thursday, 17 October 2013

Christmas Songs

Currently, our church is preparing for the annual Christmas production which takes place on the first of December.  Since the usual director has packed up and gone traveling, Mum was asked to organize and direct the show.  This is a big job for those of you who haven't done it.  We have listened to so much Christmas music so far and it is only going to increase, I imagine.
'The idea behind this year's Christmas spectacular is to tell the story of Christmas through the songs.  Obviously we can't do it detail for detail - the night would go far too long - but we have grouped the shepherd songs together, the angel songs together, and so on.
And what some beautiful songs we have!  One of my personal favorites is Mary Did You Know? 


We have also discovered the Christmas album of an extremely talented man by the name of Lincoln Brewster.  He is an AMAZING guitarist.  This is my favorite song off the album.  It is an instrumental and is a touch lengthy, but please listen to it - it is INCREDIBLE!!!!


 So we are full in Christmas mode already.  Scary when you think about it.  But the time comes and goes and we continue to get older.  Oh hum!  :)

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