Saturday, 10 August 2013


Welcome to my blog!  My name is Emily and I am so excited that you are reading this. :)  I decided to start my blog because I have so many things that I want to share with people and this seemed to be the most effective way of doing it...

I live in NSW with my parents, one brother and my six sisters.  (If you were wondering, I am the one in pink up the back in the above photo.)  We home-school and are very blessed to have access to Christ-centred curriculums that guide us in honouring God in all we do.

You may be wondering why I called my blog Amity.  Well, amity is an old English word meaning 'friendship'.  To me it represents harmony, love and encouragement as well, and that is exactly what I want for my blog.  I am blessed if what I have written or posted has made your day or encouraged you right when you needed it, or even just made you laugh!  Oh, and please feel welcome to leave a comment under any post.

Over time, I will be adding sections to the Quick Links.  There will be a Musings section (articles and inspirations from my Bible readings), Giggles (funny things and blonde moments) and Diary (everyday life).  There will probably be others as well.

So have a blessed day and I pray you are encouraged as you read.  As Bach said - 'To the Greater Glory of God!'

My love to you in Christ,



  1. So excited to see you starting a blog, Em! I shall be a very faithful stalker-- I mean follower. ;)

  2. Hi another stalker here too...

  3. Yet another person who shall watch this blog is here :D

  4. Em!! You darling, I had no idea you were thinking of joining the blogging world! :) :D I'm dreadfully excited - and yup, I'll join the list of faithful stalkers! ;)
    The NAME! I really, really love it! And the photo... looks familiar, have I seen it somewhere before ;)
    Have a jolly fine day, Sweet...
    xx E<3E