Friday, 23 August 2013

Sewing Project

I had a crazy idea for a sewing project.    11-year-old EE really needed a new skirt, but it is near impossible to find anything at the shop at the moment.  So I thought I would make one.  I had seen an idea of using jeans and altering them into a skirt, so I decided to give it a shot.  I started by ripping the inner seams of the legs up to the seat.  Then I put some patchwork together and sewed it in the gap at the front to make an upside down V decoration on the front of the skirt.  I had taken about 15 cm off the bottom of the jeans and I used this to fill in the back.  Then I hemmed the whole thing (with double rolled hems - my grandma is very particular about that!)  To top off the project, I hand-stitched lace all around the bottom.  Over an hour of aching back, neck, and fingers later, the skirt was complete. 
I am not totally happy with it - I will probably take the back piece out and re-attach it as it has pleats when it shouldn't.  Mum and I have also decided that next time, it would probably be beneficial to shape the denim a bit so as not to give so much of an impression of filled in jeans.  All in all, however, I am impressed that it worked so well for a first attempt with my limited sewing skills. 


  1. You did well, Emily! It came out lovely! :D

    1. Thanks, Jasmine! EE really likes it too... I'm looking forward to making more!