Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The power of God's Word

When we were on holidays in April, we happened to be in Victoria the same time that my grandfather was moving house.  We were able to say goodbye to the house he had lived in since my mother was 12, and see his snazzy new apartment.  My Pa is not a hoarder, but my Nanna was, and when she passed away 5 1/2 years ago, he started getting rid of the cupboards full of stuff that she had accumulated over the years. 

Well he has almost finished, and while we were visiting him, he gave me a Bible of Nanna's.  This Bible is very precious to me because some of my most vivid memories of Nanna are of her reading or singing about God's Word to me and my sisters.  Sometimes, I can still hear her voice singing that old, old song, "Only a boy named David."

The other day, I flipped to the very front page of Nanna's Bible and found that she had inscribed it.  In her old fashioned writing are the words, "God's Word will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from God's Word."  What a simple yet powerful way to sum up the necessity and life-giving power of the Bible!


  1. That is wonderful and powerful! Thanks for sharing Em! xo

  2. (Though this looks like I posted this comment it is actually Alice (well sort of) but as you can see in her latest post she can't seem to comment on things..... which is annoying.)
    Alice said
    That is so true.
    Last time we visited our grandparents' place (in May), when I had been looking through Grandpa's bookshelves I found a very old bible. This bible was very special to Grandpa. It was about 100 years old and had been given to his grandmother when she was born. She gave it to her daughter who gave it to her son (my Grandpa).
    Alice May

  3. That is so special, Alice. Things like that are really precious. I will be doing a post soon on the inheritance of Christian parents and grandparents - so valuable and such a gift from God. Have an awesome day. :)