Friday, 9 August 2013

Economic Bust!

Picture this:
With unusual thoughtfulness and economic drive, I decided that while making dinner, I would boil the potatoes in the steamer water, thus cooking the potatoes and the vegies at the same time.  Before I knew it, the potatoes were finished but the vegies in the steamer basket above were not.  No problem, I thought.  I'll just drain the potatoes then tip the hot water back into the pot and finish the vegies off.  It was a good thought until I stood over the sink with the potatoes, about to pour them into the colander.  That's when I realized that if I poured the potatoes into the colander, the hot water would go down the drain.  Oops!  I stood there for a while, weighing up whether to tip out the hot water and re-boil cold water for the vegies, or scoop the potatoes out with the slotted spoon and put the hot water back under the vegies.  I went for the slotted spoon, but I don't think I've attempted anything quite so economic again!


  1. Giggles certainly suits the post!!!

  2. Ah me! that is soo 'you' Em! ;) You could of always sat the colander in a bowl... not that I speak from experience or anything ;) LOL! :) *giggle, giggle * Love you! xox

    1. I always laugh when I think of this incident because it reminds me of Mabel and Sarah Jane when Mabel strained the whole bucket of milk down the drain for the dead fly. Sarah Jane's response was hilarious: "What are you going to do with the fly - frame it?" LOL! Love you too!

    2. Haha! yeah! I am beginning to think our mother's should've called us Mabel and Sarah-Jane! ;) LOL! xo