Monday, 12 August 2013


I was the lunch lady today.  We had some left over fish in the fridge and Mum said to heat it up and add a salad.  I was feeling a bit crook in the tummy and decided that I would still make lunch for everyone else, but I probably would not partake.  Fish and salad sounded a bit plain so I thought I would attempt gourmet style carrot.  My method?  Instead of grating or chopping the carrot, I just kept peeling it into ribbons.  This was the result:

I am yet unsure whether it looks like gourmet carrot or scraps for the compost.  Once lunch was all dished up, it looked like this:

I decided to have some after all. :)

My sweet sisters were a little more sceptical.  EE's comment was, "Carrot peels - yum!"  BG's vote of confidence was a little more direct.  "Can't you afford to feed us anymore than the peels, Em?"  AR wouldn't eat it because she thought it was rubbish.

Hmmm...  maybe plain cut food is better.


  1. I would suggest telling them to tie them up into little bows if it would make them feel better about it ;)

  2. LOL! AR and EE would probably think that was really cool, but somehow I think the others would see straight through it!

  3. What ungratefulness! ;) hehe!I for one think it looks very dainty, and quaint!

  4. Well they are the same shape as carrot peals..... but they do look different.

    1. They do a bit - more so in the photos than in real life. Apparently my sisters see only what they want to see... :D

  5. I thought it looked Masterchef worthy. ;)