Monday, 18 August 2014


Don't you love having a whole lot of 'things' to do to fill out time?  I love being at home but I am also a social butterfly (or so my Mum tells me).  I am rather excited about the upcoming months - we have an 18th party to plan and host and a 70th to help with and attend - but outside of parties, there is still so much going on.

The one I am really looking forward to is the Tahlee kid's camp.  My family aren't fans of sending kids of camping on their own and there is no way we would do it except this time it's played out at the other end.  Jess and I are leaders at this camp which means we'll be looking after the kids, eating with them, sleeping with them, playing with them, keeping them in check.  Being a Christian camp, we will also have a unique opportunity to minister to them  and input into their lives.  Grace and Joy are also going along to help out adopted grandparents in the kitchen to cook for everyone.  It should be a fantastic week.

The other thing I am really - and I mean REALLY! - excited about is our church's Christmas production.  Because she is the 'unofficial music director' (it's a long story... ;) )  Mum is in charge (under out pastor) to write and direct the show.  True to form, my sisters and I have a lot of ideas, some more ambitious than others, and we are having so much fun in the lead up to Christmas practices.  I won't give away anything here, but it is going to be awesome - we have some really talented people in our church who are really going to add a lot to the show.

For Christmas itself, the plan is to go up to our Grandparents in Toowoomba.  They are really excited about it and we are looking forward to seeing them and Dad's sister as well.

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