Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Another Poem - The Vow

Here's another poem for critique... my school assignment was to write a paper on the essence of marriage.  Because I feel that I convey that kind of thing best on poetical form, I wrote a poem instead.  At first my head was all done in - I know what I believe, but getting it down on paper is so much harder.  I was able to have a chat with my lovely friend though who helped to step it out for me and gave me a couple of pointers.  Thanks so much, dear friend!  This is for you and your fiance.  :)

The Vow

It’s naught that I bring
And yet I bring everything
I am giving it all to you.
I’m so excited, but scared
I pray to God I’m prepared
For the new life we’re about to pursue.

My old life is behind me –
And though it’s the life that’s defined me –
I promise I’ll never go back.
For you will secure my ardour
And going back will be harder
The farther we go down the track.

Things won’t always be perfect
There’ll be times when we’re wrecked
And it all seems to be going awry.
I know I’ll make mistakes
But I’ll be with you in the heartbreaks
To comfort you while you cry.

We are young and new to this
What if we err or go amiss?
Fear not for example precedes us:
Christ’s love for his bride
Her sweet trust to confide -
We’ll follow wherever He leads us

What a blessed sweet vision
It makes firm my decision
To love you with whole mind and heart
I will love you forever
And forsake you never
As we say, “Until death do us part”.


  1. This is really lovely, it flows so well.

    1. Thanks so much, Clare - the flow was something that I wasn't sure about, so I'm glad it works. :)

  2. That is a beautiful poem about marriage, Emily, and so well written too - it has a lovely flowing cadence to it. You've got a special gift to be able to express your thoughts in poetry. Not everyone can easily do that! I love it!
    God bless :)