Tuesday, 5 August 2014

School, Books and Fifteen Laps

So this is the post to write when I can't think of anything to write right now, but feel obliged due to my long silence to write something.  I suppose I shall just tell you what I have been doing over this last week... :)

After a VERY long drive home from Victoria on Sunday a week ago, we were exhausted and spent the next three days pretty much just lying around and doing just what we pleased to catch up on some much needed sleep and energy.  Then Thursday last week, we hit the books again.  I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but after holidays, it always takes a couple of days for my handwriting to appear cultured and 'used' again... this time is especially bad and I am having to force myself to write slowly or the poor principal at Eastgate collage will have a hard time when he goes to read my work.  :P   Surprisingly though, my maths skills haven't suffered too much this time round.  I usually forget everything I have ever learned in holidays and have to re-learn it when coming back to our regular routine.  I am sure you all know what I mean.  ;)

This weekend just gone was my town's annual second-hand book fair.  My sisters and I all wanted to go, but we weren't sure that Mum would be up to taking everyone down, so I was the only one the voiced the desire to go and pick over hundreds of used books.  As a result, I was the only one who was dropped off at the showgrounds while Mum and Dad went shopping with Annie.  I assure you, I had a glorious time there, although it seemed too short a time before Mum came in to find me.  Because all the other girls had really wanted to come, I set about to find a book for each of them - after all, it is the exciting part of the fair, to find a treasure that you may not have read before, or finding one that you have looked for for a long time.  For its not being a Christian event I found some wonderful Christian books down there including Christie by Catherine Marshall, Treasures of the Snow by Patricia St. John, A School of Her Own by Atlanta Richards, and Early Evangelical Revivals In Australia or something like that by Robert Evans.  I also found more books to a series we have some of, and a book on Helen Keller that I thought looked good, as well as a set of Jane Austen's novels all in one volume.  (That was Grace's book.  Personally, I would rather have each story in a different volume but Grace is the queen of matching book sets and I knew that if I tried to get just one book, she would spend the next few years trying to collect all of the other books in precisely the same edition.  It was easier this way.  :P)

Our church supports some overseas missionaries who work to get water filtration systems installed where they can so that the people are healthy and can work to improve their level of living.  A lady at church decided to hold a fundraiser for the project by having people register to walk around the running track at the school (which is on the same grounds as our church) for as many laps as they can.  Elise wasn't well that day, so Mum and Dad stayed home with her, but Jess, Grace, Joy, James and I all participated.  The track was three hundred meters and when you did a lap, you stamped a stamp on your arm to keep track of how many laps you had completed.  As it turned out, we eventually had to go because everyone was leaving and our pastor was driving us home, but I walked 15 laps which is a bit over four and a half kilometers (although it felt longer than that.)  Jess did 14 laps, Grace walked 13 laps, Joy walked 12 and James did 8 laps.  Two days on and my legs are aching really badly.  They were't too sore yesterday, but it has kicked in now.  I suppose it is good for me, so I'll just wait it out - there is nothing else to be done about it anyway!

I have a feeling there was something else I was going to say, but I can't think of it for the life of me... oh well!  :D  Have a great week!

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