Sunday, 15 September 2013


Sorry I've been so slow this week, everyone!  This week has been crazy and I am finally getting a breather for ten seconds to be able to post something.  :)

Starting on Friday night, our church had it's annual women's conference called Rise: Extend your reach.  We were blessed with speaker Ps. Margaret Stunt preaching and some amazing periods of worship.  God did some amazing things.

We also started our 'reno-swap-around'.  For those of you who don't know, we have small bedrooms that only fit two people comfortably, but we have a huge study where we do home-school.  This week end, we did a swapper so that us five older girls are now sleeping in the study - now the girl's dorm :) - and James who is nine has his own room.  Rose and Ann share a room up stairs.  So last night was our first night all in together and it wasn't too bad once Joy and Elise stopped giggling.  :)  We still have HEAPS of sorting to do (actually I am procrastinating now...) but it is coming together and I can't wait for it to all finish.

So that's what my weekend has been like - hectic.. :)  Hope you are all well in Jesus name and that you grow in His love and grace this week.   :)

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