Sunday, 8 September 2013

Dad's race

Yesterday was Dad's biggest ride so far.  He was really excited to prepare his bike and his riding gear and pumup up the tyres.  60 km.  Quitre frankly, we were pleased he had the opportunity to do it, but we were a bit concerned for him because the second biggest ride he's done was 47 km. 

He left our house at about 6:00 am, the race starting at 8:30.  The rest of us stayed at home, Mum and I ducking out mid-morning for an 'adults only field trip' (voting!). 

Dad got back at just past 2:00 pm.  He had completed the race in 3 hours 46 minutes.  We are so proud of him!  He was soooo sore and started cramping, but hopefully it won't last too long.

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, and I know this one isn't much, but I hope to get back on top of it shortly.  God bless!

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  1. Wow! go go Mr. D!!! :) :) Good on you! :)

    Oh yes... that 'adults only field trip' ;)