Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How's your week been?

Sorry I've been a bit slow this last week.  We have been rather busy lately, as I am sure you can all relate to.  :)  How has your week been?

Topmost on my daily list has been my diploma in Liberal Arts which is all the academic arts (maths, science, history, etc. as well as other subjects like philosophy and world view.)  Currently, I am in the middle of modern history and am using Sonlight's Core 300 as my selected program of choice.  :)  To try and hasten the process a bit, I have started tackling double the amount of work each day.  That means (on average) 6-8 pages of history with 12-15 questions to write the answers to; 20-30 pages of Labor's untold Story (the most boring book I have ever come across); as well as Robert Frost poetry, literature, chemistry, maths, writing assessments, and the devotional book Sonlight assigns with the program.  Whew!  As you can probably guess just by reading this, it takes me a LONG time to do all of this and I am usually still studying well after 5:00 pm.  I don't know about you, but when my eyes get tired, my whole body follows suit and needless to say, my eyes are very tired.  :) 

What horrible weather we are having at the moment!  Today, less than four weeks into spring, was over 33 degrees Celsius - YUK!  It's going to bee a long summer... :/  :)  In that however, today is just three months until Christmas - I can hardly believe it!  Mum calls it quarter of a year: Dad calls it twelve weeks.  It's the same thing, but it sounds so very different!

I finished Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie today.  I have read it before, but it blew my mind once again.  I only have one word for it - BRILLIANT!!!  I loved it and would highly recommend it.

Will try to post again soon - God bless you richly and sustain you through your week.  :)

Love from your sister in Christ,


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