Friday, 13 June 2014

Sunflower Award

So, I was kindly nominated for another blog award... I'm started to wonder if these awards are ever actually given out, or if they just keep on circling the web forever and ever amen  ;)  Anyway, as I enjoy answering questions and making them up for others, I must thanks +Zach S-B for nominating me.   In saying that, however, I am looking forward to answering some of your questions - you always make them so flippin' difficult.  ;)  Nevertheless, here I go!  :D

How often do you blog as opposed to how often do you think you should blog.
The ratio is probably about 1:5... I often think about blogging, but can't think of anything to blog about.  It's a rather frustrating state of mind to be in.

What is your personal favorite use of computers (Research, Design, Punching, etc.)

Ummm... research, typing, catching up on Studio C episodes... ;)

What is your Favorite Book series apart from Rangers Apprentice, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, The Space Trilogy (By C.S Lewis)
That's a hard one... Oh!  Actually, no it's not!  Women of the West  and Love Comes Softly, both by Janette Oke.

Do you have a favorite pen/pencil?

Any pen that works is a winner for me.  ;)

If So, why is it your favorite?Because any pen that works causes me less frustration and bother than pens that don't.

What is the time you normally wake up?
Anywhere between 6:30 and 7:00 usually... sometimes it is a bit later... * grins sheepishly... * 

What is your favorite activity?That depends on what you mean by 'activity'.  If you mean physical activity, I would say hanging out the washing, or going to get the mail out of the mail box.  A sitting down activity is harder to pin down.  I quite enjoy knitting or doing jigsaws while Mum reads aloud.

Do you have draws under your desk, and if you do, would you be able to live without them?
I could certainly live without 'draws' -  hate art.  I have one drawer in my desk and it is extremely handy for all those little bits of junk and so forth that I don't want to get rid of, but I most certainly don't want them on my desk either.

Insanity Personality Test: You see some one do a triple back flip. Would you describe it as 'cool' or 'that person has a deathwish'?

This depend on the person.  If it is an obviously athletic young person I would think, "Oh!  Imagine being able to do that to your body!  That's pretty cool!."  If it was a child, I would sit there covering my eyes and cringing least they miss and break their necks.

Ok, so now it's my turn.  I am going to nominate +Danielle Carey , +Joy C. , and +Sarah C. .  I really enjoy reading all of your blogs, thus the nominations.  :)  And here are your questions:

  • Are you a hoarder or a minimalist?
  • What are your top favourite girl's and boy's names?
  • Which is the best: Australian Idol, The Voice, or X Factor?
  • What is your favourite Winnie the Pooh character?
  • Do you find it difficult to come up with questions when you have to?
  • What is your earliest memory?  What is your most prominent childhood memory?
  • If you had one week to become a professional at a sport, which sport would you choose?
  • What is you favourite tea/coffee?
  • Is soccer terribly boring, or what???
  • Why should you never leave the kitchen for more than ten minutes while you are cooking?
  • Have I posted enough questions for you to answer?
  • (Let's make it an even dozen. ;) )  What is the most unusual creepy crawly you have ever collected/removed/terminated, etc?
Have fun, and I look forward to seeing your responses!  :)


  1. Draws...Drawers.... Well, if that's the only thing I messed up, I'm happy.

    "How often do you blog as opposed to how often do you think you should blog.

    The ratio is probably about 1:5... I often think about blogging, but can't think of anything to blog about. It's a rather frustrating state of mind to be in."

    I can completely understand that.

  2. Hehe! I had fun over draws/drawers. ;) :D

    I'm glad someone understands that feeling... sometimes I wonder if I am the only one with a blank brain. ;)

  3. Cool.
    I've also nominated you!