Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mini Questionnaire

I saw this questionnaire on a lovely blog belonging to His Princess.  I thought it looked like fun so here's my version.  :)

1) Tall (about 5' 10", or 180cm).

2) I don't know what the rest of you think, but I'd lean towards sweet, I think.  ;)

3) Smart

4) Blonde, with a slight touch of orange in my fringe.

5) Pale (I can't tan!  :P)

6) Blue- grey eyes

7) Depends what's happening... I'd probably say on the lazy side.  :)

8) personable

9) Depends who I'm around, but I think I tend to be a little quieter than not.

10) Ahem... I'm supposed to wear glasses for reading, music and computer work... (speaking of which, where are they???  :P )

11) No braces - got them off last August!  :D

12) Neither.  :)

13) Ummm... I usually wear skirts, but if I wear pants I would say jeans because they are a little more 'dressy' or something.  :)

14) This is hard!  What a silly question!  ;)  Sometimes I feel like having a salad, and sometimes I don't.  But I will nearly always welcome pizza... Pizza.  :D

15) Apples.  I don't mind oranges, but they aren't my favourite.  :)

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