Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Upcoming Joys

Can you believe it is the middle of April already?  It is rather astonishing.  I am amazed at how twelve months have flown past - this time last year, we were in Victoria in a tiny cabin that was so squishy we ran into each other nearly step we took... Thinking back, while it wasn't fun for the younger kids to be sick in bed, it freed up a lot of room for everyone else!  :P

Joy turns fourteen tomorrow... :)
Tomorrow will be a full year since we went to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat.  If you have the opportunity to visit Sovereign Hill at any stage, do it!  Set in the 1850's, it is a gold mining town complete with general stores, candy stores, farriers, soap makers, the lot!

How do I remember that it is a year tomorrow?  It was the special thing we did for my sister Joy's birthday.  Yep, my little sister turns 14 tomorrow, and I'm not quite sure how that happened!  We have planned and schemed a little bit and come up with gifts and a cake we are pretty sure she will love.  :)  I will try and do a post in the next couple of days about it.  (You will probably notice that she s wearing an 'S' necklace in the photo... that is because I use my sibling's middle names as identity protection for them!  :D )

Thursday is a rather exciting day for us too as we are going to visit some dear friends over the Easter weekend.  This will be the fourth year that they have so graciously hosted us all.  We always come away from their home feeling so refreshed and uplifted because their hospitality is humbling and their fellowship is so sweet.  We are so much looking forward to spending five days with them.


  1. My family and I went to Sovereign Hill when we went on our Great Ocean Road trip. :) It was so much fun! It was a highlight of the trip!
    14!!!! Wow!! Say happy Birthday to her for me!!!! I hope she has a great day!!! :D
    Have a great Easter!

  2. Yeah - Sovereign Hill is awesome! :D
    I have passed on your message to Joy... she says thankyou! :D
    You have a wonderful Easter too! :)