Sunday, 3 May 2015

My Current Book List

Hi there!  You are probably wondering who this is.  Just kidding!  It occurred to me tonight that I haven't blogged for a while and - lo and behold - I was right.  A month and a day.  Mhm... I know.

I really haven't got much to report, actually.  So I'll just tell you what I'm reading at the moment.  Here are the books on my list:

Are you seeing a common thread???  Hehe!  Yeah, I'm into three main themes at the moment: nursing and midwifery; 1950's decade; and outback Australia.  

Most of you would probably know by now that I am planning on doing nursing, and I am VERY interested at the moment in becoming a rural nurse, like the ones in "Bush Nurses".  

I am enjoying the TV series "Call the Midwife" with Jess at the moment too, so I thought I would borrow the books from the library - "Call the Midwife", "Shadow of the Workhouse" and "Farewell to the East End".  They - along with "Bedpans and Bobby Socks", and "Twelve Babies on a Bike" are all set in the post-war 1950's.  I am finding the era fascinating and am starting to think that I have been born in the wrong decade!  XDD   

So anyway, I am in the middle of "Twelve Babies on a Bike" at the moment, which is proving to be quite funny.  It is about a student midwife who has to deliver twelve babies on her own to graduate.  She starts getting frustrated though, because at nearly every birth, something unusual happens and she has trouble recording the proceedings for her head midwife to review.   All she wants is a "textbook birth" as she calls it, and it's just not happening.  Rather amusing.

Anyway, that's all for now... I'm sitting here watching the Logie Awards at the moment, but I think I'm about to give up and go to bed.  XD

Have a great week everyone!  ^_^


  1. These books look amazing, Emily!
    I also have the "ANZAC Girls" book on my to-read list for this year, and I would love to watch some of the "Call the Midwife" show sometime soon.

    When do you plan on pursuing your nursing studies, Emily?

    Oh by the way, I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog:

    Much love and lots of blessings!

  2. Thanks, Joy! I'm looking forward to reading them. :D
    I have been enjoying "Call the Midwife" there is usually something in every episode to make me cry, but always for different reasons - the first one I cried for joy, the second out of anger and sorrow, and the third just because it was so sweet. That's all I have watched as yet. :)

    I'm not entirely sure as yet, but I am hoping to begin nursing next year, God willing... I am so thrilled about it! I really can hardly wait! ^_^

    I saw that and hadn't got around to replying yet... Thank you so much for nominating me Joy - it is really special. :) I am looking forward to answering your questions. :)

    Much love to you, sweetheart! <3 xxx