Thursday, 2 April 2015

Poem - Unravelling the Handmade Blanket

This is a poem that only scratches some emotions that I have dealt with over the last few months - Praise God He is always good and will never leave us completely hopeless.  Congratulations to my lovely, lovely friends who are expecting their first baby!!!  So excited for you guys!!!  xxx

Unravelling the handmade blanket
Is like watching my dreams slowly die.
The love and the hope that went into each stitch
Come undone and away they fly.
But the pattern of life is like that in the wool – 
Consistent but intricate with turns and twists
One thread on its own is not very important
But without it the pattern would cease to exist.
And so this I ponder as I continue to wind 
Up in a ball the dreams of my heart
Perhaps I will use this wool again one day
And knit it into a blanket for a brand new start.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I pulled out a ball of wool the other day
That still bears the stains of many a tear
But today instead of weeping I smile with joy
As stitch by stitch I prepare for the arrival of a baby dear.
Each row is woven in with love
And hope is sewn between the lines
Of peace and joy and happiness
That now around my heart entwines.