Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wisdom Teeth and Glasses

I went to the dentist on Monday.  I was not thrilled about it, to say the least, and was actually really dreading the visit and I have been ever since the orthodontist informed me that all four of my wisdom teeth had to come out.  Dr. M looked in my mouth and confirmed what Dr H had already said.  He was pretty sure I had already had a slight infection in my bottom-left gum and the bottom right tooth is in a crooked position.  Wisdom teeth are funny as in that if a bottom wisdom tooth is removed, it top "partner" will keep growing until it hits something, e.g. the gum.  Ouch!  Because I not only have room for any of my teeth, but the odd "pairs" are the one really causing problems, they all have to come out.

Dr M gave me two options.  I could 1) Have the two left ones removed under local antiseptic, wait two weeks and then go back to have the two right ones removed.  Or 2) Go to the city (about an hour and a half away) and have them all removed in one go under general antiseptic. 

I just looked at the dentist and said, "You know, I don't think I would come back after the first lot."

That was probably not what he wanted to hear, but it was decided that I would go under general antiseptic and have it over and done with.

Ironically, the surgery is booked in for the day precisely three years after I had my braces put on.  I'm not sure whether that is comforting or not.

Last Friday, Jess, Joy, Grace and I all went to the optometrist.  I am terrible at the first part of my appointments as I have to have a test for glaucoma (I seem to have several elements of glaucoma development).  The test consists of resting your chin on a little curved shelf with your forehead also against a rest board all attached to a big machine.  You have to focus on a light target in the machine while the sister takes measurements of your eye and then "squirts" three puffs of air into each eye.  I jump a mile every time and keep the sister very amused - every time.  All of us, save Grace, needed new prescriptions, so we had quite a bit of fun trying on and examining different styles of frames.  Today we got the call that our glasses were ready and we were able to pick them up this afternoon.  They look quite nice.  :D


  1. You poor thing!
    I had to have seven teeth out under general antiseptic and four of them were permanent back molars.
    Even though I now have my braces off, my wisdom teeth are just starting to come through and if they come through wrong there is a chance that they'll have to be taken out, otherwise they will mess up the work that my braces did. : /
    Hope your appointment goes well though. :)

    1. You poor darling! Seven teeth is quite a venture! I hope your wisdom teeth don't cause you too much issue. Have a wonderful weekend! :)