Friday, 20 December 2013

Last day of School - ever

I am feeling a bit sentimental and nostalgic tonight as today was my last day of 'school' - not just for the year, but for the rest of my life.  True, I will be still studying next year, but I am finished year 12, and I no longer have a number attached to me. 

It's sad in a way, and thrilling in another way.  It's hard to believe that I will be nineteen in February and that my childhood is behind me.  I really am a young lady now, whether I (or my family ;) ) like it or not.  I still remember when I started kindergarten.  I could read already, but I remember sitting at the dining room table and Mum telling me that if Jess came and wanted to play, I had to say, "No, I'm doing my big girl's work now."  It is odd to reflect on how, when I was younger, I hated the hours spent in study.  All I could think of was when I would be finished.  It wasn't until I had just a couple years left that I discovered how exciting learning can actually be (and if you don't believe me, you are seriously missing out.  :))

I am excited though.  Next year, I will be finishing my diploma in Liberal Arts.  After that I hope to do doula training and naturopathy.  I am looking forward to doing some of the courses I have wanted to do for quite some time and to be able to minister to others through them.  I am also looking to the Lord for guidance for possible work or ministry this year.     

So, do you wnat to know how I spent my last day of school???

Well, I was in the middle of a lovely book this morning, so I read some of that for as long as I could, then I read my history.  Before I could write up my history, it was time to go to swimming lessons.  (I don't normall go, but I did this time.)  While the others swam, I read my book.  Mum decided that the last day of school for the year called for a special lunch, so we went to The Coffee Club for lunch and then did some shopping.  After that was our homeschoolers gingerbread house day and by the time we got home, it was time to cook dinner.  I had a head ache and so I went to lie down and finish my book.  So, in a way, I celebrated the last day of school by having a day off - how ironic!

Thank God we never stop learning!  :)

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