Friday, 13 December 2013

Because I Love You

One of my Sonlight books this year is a collection of art works and poems that people have written inspired by the art.  It is only natural, perhaps, that one of my writing assignments should follow the same line.  I had to choose a piece of art.  That in itself is difficult for me as I rarely have feelings of inspiration when encountered with art.  :)  Fortunately, however, I remembered one of my favourite children's books which comes with gorgeous illustrations.  Because I Love You by Max Lucado is a beautiful story, and I would highly recommend it.  Any way, here is the picture I chose, and the poem is underneath it.

Because I Love You

Little child, so dear to Me:
Please listen to My words.
The world you see is full of sun,
Of treees, of play, and birds;

 But I have seen much farhter
Than you will ever see.
I built the line 'tween right and wrong - 
But no one created Me.

I am in your future
And in your past I AM.
While you were dead in your own ways,
I was sacrificed as thy Lamb.

You may wonder, darling child,  - 
Apple of My Eye - 
Why I tell you all of this,
Any why I chose to to die?

My child, you cannot understand;
You cannot get a view
Of how very very very much
Very much I love you.

You are my heartstrings, my every thought
Is concerned with your own good.
And while your love sometimes wanders,
My love never could.

I cannot wait to bring you Here
And save you hurt and pain;
But inless you learn to die to self,
My peace you'll never gain.

This may seem harsh, but trust Me, child:
I only want the best
For you.  And if you come to Me
I promise you'll find rest.


  1. "But unless you learn to die to self,
    My peace you'll never gain."

    Love those lines, Em. Well done. :)

  2. Beautiful! It has been awhile since I've read your poetry - and I am reminded of the beautiful gift you have.

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica - Love you! xx