Monday, 31 August 2015


If life were a summer of waving grass
And sunny, riverside days
We'd laugh a lot and dream a lot
Under the warming rays.

If Life were winter, long and dreary
Wet outside and cold within
We would never get the respite we get
With the coming of the spring.

But Life keeps always moving forward
From season to season, height to height.
And we move from strength to strength
In seasons of rest to those of fight.

Some seasons are long and dark and grey
Like winter's ever ending night
But spring will always come again
And there will come a tie of light.

If Life were a Summer of waving grass
And sunny riverside days,
We'd never learn to fight and pray
And through God's hope our spirits raise.

There's a time for everything under the sun
A time to laugh and a time to mourn,
A time to plant and a time to plough,
A time to die and a time to be born.
There's a time to hug and a time to withhold
A time to search and a time to cease,
A time to love, a time to hate;
A time to hold captive, a time to release.