Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Late Night Poem

It happens sometimes... just as I am going to do something - in this case sleep! - a poem hits me and I have to write it down.  :)

To my princess:

As you go about life, I hear you hum,
As you wonder, “When is my prince going to come?
All my friends and relations, my sister, my brother
Seem to have found their significant other.
Ok not all of them – that’s not quite true
But the singles around me do seem to be getting quite few.
I wonder when my turn is going to come.”
I listen as you continue to hum.

“He is coming I’m sure on a dashing white steed
That has only ever known the very best feed.
His hair will be shining, on his feet there’ll be boots,
And his robe will out-spledorize all other suits.
Then he will look right at me, and right back I’ll gaze
And all the love in the world in his eyes seem to blaze.
Them as we gallop away towards the sky, full of hue,
He leans in and whispers, ‘Oh, my darling!  How I love you!’”

Oh my child, I listen as you continue to hum,
Waiting and wondering when your prince will come.
If only you knew how I desperately long
To capture your heart with my passionate song.
True, I didn’t come here on a dashing white steed –
I was born in a manger where the animals feed.
My hair was tossed by the wind, my feet chapped and oft bare
And my simple course robe was all I had to wear.
But I looked forward and saw you, years before you were born
And my love for the world meant that my body was torn.
But if you’ll come with me to the sky golden in hue,
I’ll keep you forever.  Oh my child!  How I love you!!


  1. Oh Emily that is so lovely...

    1. *smiles* Thankyou so much, Clare. xxx

  2. * teary eyed * so, so beautiful Em love. xox He loves you so much, and so do I (and waiting with you...) * hugs *

    1. *hugs* Love you, my sweet Emily! xxx