Monday, 18 November 2013

Alliteration Game

Every first and third Fridays of every month, the homeschoolers of our town meet at the library and do stuff together.  Last Friday, I brought a game inspired by Scattegories.  Here's what you do:

Write out different Bible stories on slips of paper by title (you could also do fairy tales or some other well known literary writing)  My list included Noah's Ark, Baby Moses, Mary and Martha, Paul Becomes Saul among others. (I had twenty all up.)

If you have the game Scattegories, use the alphabet dice to draw letters.  You could also draw tiles out of a Scrabble bag or write out the letters on paper and draw them out of a hat, or a bowl, or whatever comes in handy.  :P

Every person draws a story and a letter and has a set amount of time to rewrite the story using as many words as possible that start with their given letter.  The results are hilarious!  (If you're are playing a winners/losers game, count how many words are used with each person's letter - the highest score wins.)

There are several ways you can play the game.  Each person can have their own letters and stories; everyone can have their own story but all work off the same letter; or everyone can have the same story but different letters.  Alternatively Everyone could have exactly the same criteria, but personally that would be just a bit boring... :P

The example below is The Tower of Babel written on the letter 'b'.  I was about thirteen when I wrote it, I think, so it isn't my best piece of work ever, but it is pretty funny!  :P

Once some blabbering bear like barbarians with baffling bad behavior decided to bake a batch of bricks and they began to build a becoming barrier that would boggle and bewilder the brain.  They hesitated but a brief moment, then, slapping their brothers on the back, they made a beeline to the place they bet would be the best to behold such a bulk of brickwork.  Boys began to bustle and bestow bricks, big and little, on their fathers who banked them up to the brim of the bucket shaped canal.  But the thing which beckoned and bound the men together was that they all babbled the same basic language. They believed they could build a brick building, and it was to their belief that if they could make it balance, they would be the first people to bide near the bright Betelgeuse.  That’s where the builders blundered. They did not bless but blasphemed, and how they bragged.  Their boasting of how big they were was so bad it began to become bothersome and burdensome.  So God said, “Let’s bring a big and abrupt end to this and ban their balky brickwork.”  So God made brothers speak different languages.  Everyone packed bags and baggage and they bawled like babies to leave their bulky brick work, but they had no choice.  That’s why that place is better known as Babel.


  1. That is a lot of Bs a lot more than I had when I used H and no Horrible Hulking Happenings that Hapened, in there either XD

  2. *Cracks up* Nope, no horrible happenings here! :P

    1. *Giggles* just don't crack into too many pieces!